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A former Apple® employee, Mister Mac employs people passionate about their work who are delighted to share in the Apple Lifestyle with you. We offer expert service and quality repairs in support of Apple® products. We share an enthusiasm for premium service for the world's premium technology.

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  • Connect digitally to solve Apple device issues with video Mac support.

    65 US dollars
  • 1-on-1 in-store education and assistance. $0 due at booking, prorated.

    $55 an hour
  • A Mister Mac Technician will travel to your home on workplace.

    $85 an hour
  • Schedule an appointment to bring in your Apple Device.


We started Mister Mac 2018, and have been providing high quality education and repair services for local residents in the Wimberley area ever since. As a member of the Apple Independent Repair Program, we are able to order and utilize Apple original parts in our repairs. With years of experience on our back, we’ll happily fix whatever you bring into our shop. We’re driven by our commitment to education to be the best service and support center for Apple products in the area, and know our customers feel the difference. We can’t help but smile with pride every time someone has the "Aha" moment - it is this search for delight that Apple products are designed for. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our shop, or stop by today.

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Rebecca Cunningham

Mister Mac literally saved the show! I’m one of 100 people in the world selected to beta test livestream programs on Linkedin and my Macbook Pro wasn’t performing as well as it should. This became HUGE when I was committed to a weekly livestream and I had only 2 frantic days to get it fixed.

Without warning, I showed up to Mister Mac and yelled “HELP!” It wasn’t something that would normally be a fast or easy repair, but their technicians found the problem and fixed it with time to spare.

Thanks to Wimberley’s Mister Mac, my Macbook Pro performed perfectly during these LinkedIn tests.

Justin Netti

I’m so glad that we now have a business dedicated to Mac users! I needed a local Apple repair shop when my iMac was running very slowly and barely able to perform simple tasks. Scott and his team quickly optimized the system, installed a new Solid State Drive and upgraded the factory RAM - all for a great price and fast turnaround.

 My iMac is performing the best it ever has and I’m easily getting my work done. Thanks again Mister Mac! I highly recommend this Wimberley business!

Leslie McGimsey

You won’t get more complete care or better service anywhere else!